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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Swedish Crowned Princess Marries Her True Love

While we're on the subject of weddings, I felt that a recent wedding would be of some interest to all the princesses-in-their-hearts out there.

The public is often curious as to what a royal wedding looks like. The wedding of Princess Diana was a pretty big deal back in 1981 (something that people still talk about to this day).

The recent wedding between Sweden's crowned Princess Victoria and Mr. Daniel Westling is a modern day retelling of Aladdin...well, okay, not exactly like Aladdin. But it is the story about a Princess expected to marry a Prince, but falls in love with a commoner.

Victoria was not always intended to inherit the throne. In 1979, there as a change made to The Act of Succession of 1810, stating that the eldest child would inherit the throne without regard to sex. Victoria will, therefore, be the first female head of monarchy in Sweden.

Not everyone was happy with the change. And naturally, there were some that were unhappy with Victoria's choice in a partner. Not because of his politics, but because he was of common blood.

Luckily, love prevailed, and Victoria and Daniel were given marital blessing. After all, they had been together for a very long time, and they wanted to marry each other because they were in love.

But what are you really here for? You're probably wondering what a real-life contemporary Princess would wear.

Lovely, classic, and simple. Not really what I would have initially pictured, but the dress truly reflects the bride's style. And besides - who would want to detract from that amazing crown?

The crown is definitely "something old"...Queen Silvia wore it at her wedding, and reportedly the crown goes back to originally being a gift from Napoleon to his Josephine. I just love the cameo detailing on this. The lace veil truly completes the whole look.

So, ladies - if you want to feel like a Princess on your big day, take a cue from Crowned Princess Victoria. Not all of us can pull off (or feel comfortable) in a big, poofy Princess Diana or Cinderella getup, and that look does not always define "Princess"...what is important is that your dress reflects you, and that you feel beautiful on your big day.

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