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Friday, April 26, 2013

Why a bunch of E-Tickets were closed on a Saturday, and why Space Mountain has yet to re-open at Disneyland

I don't like posting rumors without some sort of reliable source.

When I saw on MiceChat that several major attractions at Disneyland Resort were randomly closed on a Saturday morning, I wasn't quite sure what to do. I went to Disneyland and saw for myself that some attractions were inexplicably closed (though by that time a few were luckily back to welcoming guests). As a journalist, one becomes intrigued and eager to write - but without an official source, without any official statement, how can you just sit down and write about this story? Okay, sure, a lot of major networks do this sort of thing all the time nowadays, but little 'ol me? I try to hold myself to a higher standard.

So I waited.

MiceAge eventually procured more information, and based off of that article I was able to write. Luckily, nearly all of the attractions are back up and running, but sadly, Space Mountain is still out of commission. To find out why, go here. Let's just hope this doesn't suddenly turn into a 2-3 year absence.

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